a lesson in not giving a fuck

by napsense

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this is not an album. its a one take freestyle session which was made while setting up new equipment -- straight in the middle of still plugging and unplugging adapters, pedals, and cords, and slapping some analog mixer around.

CURRENTLY i am working on a B-SIDE for the "What Are These Vials Doing To Me? LP" theres a 23% to 66% possibility i may include this nonsense as some bonus secret track to the B-Side, which is now fully in the works....

the "What Are These Vials Doing To Me?" B-Side will include writtens to some of the previous beats therein, along with some modulations mixed with incoherent lyrics as well (think of a part of being as freeform jazz but only a part of the gestalt) and additions of electric guitars and pedals. the FREESTYLE track though, it is technically 100% grunged out -- in every sense: we were stilll just setting up and connecting wires when i turned on the feed from the beat right into the same channel as the one my vocals were going into on the mixer (which obviously is not something you want to do if you want quality)... i missed 2 days of sleep and was on a large cocktail of dregs, it was 3 something am, and we were in a tiny room of a half-way home, full of snoozing drug addicts and mental patients. its not just a freestyle, its a lullaby really.


released May 11, 2016



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